Majestic Harmony


Holy Spirit

     The true teacher will try by precept and example to win souls to Christ. He must receive the truth in the love of it, and let it cleanse his heart, and mold his life. Every teacher should be under the full control of the Holy Spirit. Then Christ can speak to the heart, and his voice is the voice of love. And the love of God, received into the heart, is an active power for good, quickening and enlarging the mind and soul. With his own heart warm with divine love, the teacher will lift up the Man of Calvary, not to give the students a casual glance, but to hasten their attention until Jesus shall seem to them the "Chiefest among ten thousand," and the One "altogether lovely." 

     The Holy Spirit is an effective helper in restoring the image of God in the human soul, and its efficiency and power have not been appreciated in our schools. It came into the schools of the prophets, bringing even the thought into harmony with the will of God. There was a living connection between heaven and these schools; and the joy and thanksgiving of loving hearts found expression in songs of praise in which angels joined.    

     The Holy Spirit comes to the world as Christ's representative. It not only speaks the truth, but it is the truth--the faithful and true Witness. It is the great Searcher of hearts, and is acquainted with the characters of all. 

SpTEd 50, 51